Guiding Principles


MKPOA’s Guiding Principles:

 “MKPOA maintains that

planning and zoning regulations,

building codes, rules, restrictions, and ordinances

have been established for the good of the community.

They should be applied, upheld and enforced

by the Zoning Administrator, Building and Safety,

and other governing bodies with jurisdiction

over the approval, execution, and enforcement processes.

When variances, variations, or exceptions

are considered by governmental entities,

MKPOA’s position is to support strict scrutiny and

adherence to all legal measures

which govern land use, structures, and vegetation.

On a case-by-case basis MKPOA may

support such requests if the proposed project

positively affects health and safety,

or is in the best interest of the neighborhood or

the community in general.

MKPOA may take a formal position on individual issues

pertaining to variances, variations, or exceptions,

when requested to do so.

MKPOA expects governing bodies to notify all affected parties of any

proposed developments or requests

for variances from codes and regulations as well as

proposed, approved or pending changes to such regulations.”

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