What is MKPOA

What is MKPOA,

the Marquez Knolls Property Owners Association?


   The Marquez Knolls Property Owners Association was founded in the 50’s by the Lachman Family after they bought the hillside property from Movie Star Jack Conway (alas Jacon Way) to administer and manage the CC&Rs for most of the 23 tracts they developed.  Over 600 homes were built to maximize the spectacular hillside views.  

The association has grown to include over 1,200 homes, adding adjacent tracts to the initial boundaries, now covering an area from Bienveneda to Palisades Drive, and Sunset to the Mountains (gated communities are excluded).  There is great commonality:  potholes, graffiti, crimes, fire safety, traffic, speeding, blocked roadways, building/construction violations, noise, snakes, lost dogs, lost cats and, yes, lost and found turtles. 

MKPOA's mission is to enhance and protect the quality of life in Marquez Knolls.  The organization promotes and encourages the preservation of the beauty and healthful environment by informative, educational, mediational, and other lawful activates for the benefit of its residents.  

An important role of the CC&Rs has always been the protection of the views.  Today’s MKPOA’s significant focus is still to assist in the preservation of these views.  The organization has written Amicus Briefs, appeared in court on depositions and recently petitioned the Supreme Court to re-hear a case. 

     The association has influence and exchanges information with the Pacific Palisades Community Council, other Home Owner and civic organizations, and our LA City Councilmember.  MKPOA can communicate directly with LAPD, LAFD, DWP or State Parks.   MKPOA is there for personal questions such as street parking regulations, watering schedules, downed trees, and most recently on what to do when a cougar took down a deer on private property.  Over the years it has helped solve a thousand problems and has answered a thousand-and-one questions.  What is yours?    

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