DWP Power Distribution Sub Station (DS104)

                           DWP Town Hall Meetings 

     On Feb. 29th, 2012, DWP held a Town Hall meeting to announce its plans to build a large power distribution substation in the western half of the Palisades. All supported DWP in their efforts to add the substation, but most objected to the proposed locations: Los Liones parkland behind Fire Station 23 or a vacant lot on Marquez Ave next to the Marquez Charter Elementary School. For more information click here.  It was considered by many one of the most vibrant community gatherings in recent years.  Over 200 people attended, 30 speaker voiced opinions on the proposals.

     A group of Marquez Knolls Residents and Marquez Charter School parents formed the "Coalition of Palisadians to Keep Marquez Charter Safe" to spearhead community's continuing efforts to oppose the DWP's proposal for the Marquez site.

     On January of 2023, DWP announced renewed plans to study the feasibility of a site for the construction of DS 104 with emphasis on  the Marquez site.  DWP invited Pacific Palisades residents and other interested parties to a public information Zoom meeting.  Nearly 30 people spoke for over one hour declaring opposition to the Marquez site.  There was not one supporting voice.  For additional information click on the links below.