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 “The only constant is change,”

Heraclitus – Greek philosopher.

The Autumnal Equinox, reminds us that it is a time of reflection, transformation and change. Summer gives way to fall, the weather begins to cool, while many of us crave pumpkin spice and prep for the holidays as we transition from one year into the next. A lot changed for all of us in 2023. We largely emerged from the shadow of COVID and began resuming our lives in earnest. This was a substantial change from the nearly three years of isolation, mask mandates, and social distancing, but a necessary chrysalis to bring us where we are today. Specifically, for Marquez Knolls, change is afoot. The MKPOA reemerged with a newly elected President, passionate Board Members and volunteers, each committed to the themes of reflection, transformation and change sorely needed in our community.

Change can be scary. The unknown is often daunting. Fear of change paralyzing. Remember the company Kodak? Founded in 1888, they became synonymous with capturing our lives in pictures for over a century. However, Kodak resisted the changes that were necessary to move them successfully into the next century, and the watershed events that followed cost them dearly. There is much we can learn from this cautionary tale. *(If you’re curious to know more, we’ve included links below).

Many of us may feel a sense of hopelessness about some of the changes happening around us. Personally, I felt this upon learning about the loophole that allowed the structure at Ida and Marquez. Moreso, upon learning about the reversal of view protection that the Eisen decision wrought and the repercussions it may have. I felt a moment of hopelessness and anger, before realizing I could take action.

***Be the change you want to see…

With a clarity of purpose, change can be exciting, galvanizing, empowering. We have an opportunity, to learn from these challenging moments. The opportunity is to embrace and anticipate change ensuring events like these can never happen again. This is a time to soberingly reflect and direct changes of our CCR’s, Bylaws and our commitment to the community, creating safeguards that will preserve our quality of life now and into the future.

This is the type of change the MKPOA is committed to.

We call upon you to embrace the change that is around you. We can allow change to happen to us, or together, we can be the catalysts for change. Ask yourself, ask your neighbor, what can you do to effect change positively?

Lastly, for us, the change of season is a time for renewed gratitude and celebration. As such, the MKPOA proudly presents the return of our annual Block Party! We invite all residents to join. Please RSVP and celebrate with us.

*The Rise and Fall of Kodak

Failure to Change

Barriers to Change

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