Cuts off nearly 200 Homes above Jacon/Lachman Intersection

     On the morning of February 2, 2023, a watermain ruptured and flooded the intersection of Lachman Lane and Jacon Way.  The water pressure broke through the pavement and started to wash out the sub-roadbed, potentially creating a dangerous sink hole.

     The intersection became impassable, cutting off 190 homes above on Jacon, El Oro, and Enchanted Way with no alternate exit or emergency entry.  While the road closure lasted only a few hour and was mostly an inconvenience, it demonstrated a rather plausible scenario, where the closure could be caused by a land slide, an earthquake or a downed tree, cutting residents off from exiting for days or preventing assistance from emergency vehicles.  The thought of being cut off by fire immediately solicits memories of the Paradise disaster.

     Longtime residents who gathered at the flooded site vividly remembered an alternate exit route.  It was used decades ago during a similar flood on Jacon and a landslide on El Oro.   They are urging that such alternate exit be reestablished by the City of LA to prevent tragedies under the worst circumstances.  MKPOA contacted Traci Parks office with this request and has asked PPCC for assistance.